Friday, January 2, 2009

Last class at AM!

Wooo! alright, so the break is over. I had a great christmas and new years and have charged my battery to get ready to start knocking out this crazy thing called a short film. Christmas was awesome, I got the Art of Wall-E and Art of Kung Fu Panda books. Very inspiring stuff. I love my new phone, the LG Dare :) my brother got me a trip to Vegas in June, so that is gonna be amazing! And I happened to get myself a present for myself. A new computer!

So yeah, to geek out for a few seconds: It has 2 tb hard drives, 8 gb RAM, Intel Dual Core 8500, geforce 8800 gtx card, windows xp x64 bit, and it just looks sexy with those blue lights :)

I wanted this new machine to gear up for starting to take on my short film so I just bought all the parts and I've been really happy with it.

So as far as animation goes, I finished up class 5 before break. It was basically all the pre-production of my short film. My mentor was Kenny Roy ( and he was very inspiring. We went through a lot of changes with my story, but it was all good for me cause we arrived at something I will be proud of when I finish it. In class we did the storyboard in 2d (flash) and then the layout in 3d:

So I'll start working on full out animation next week, still some things that need to be tweaked, especially with models and textures, but I want to try to just focus on the animation.

K, wish me luck and the best of luck to everyone in 2009! heres some shorts for inspiration :)

A Short Love Story in Stop Motion
Burning Safari
Tim Tom

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