Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Animation mentor

I just got accepted for the fall term of Animation Mentor!! I'm really excited... now I need to read up and practice up for October 1st... .... wooo!

also, theres this guy named Frank Tai that I'm doing some animation with for his short animation named "PACO." You may be asking yourself.. "Who The Hell is Frank Tai?" well, check it out here: http://pacoanimatedshort.blogspot.com/

Visionfest 2007

I had a wonderful time this last weekend because it was Visionfest weekend... I got to hear guest speakers like Rick O' Connor from ILM, Conrad Montgomery from Disney Television Studios, and Rich McKain from Blue Sky Studios talk about their experiences in the professional world. Rich McKain even showed us how he approaches a walk cycle and I took a full page of notes! It was so inspiring to see their work and hear how things happen in a studio setting like that.. gets me excited just thinking about it! ..

Another thing about Visionfest... it's a juried student competition with three categories, 3d short, 2d short, and Sequential Art. I just so happened to submit a few things into the Sequential Art category, just wondering if they would even be on display at the event... It turned out all of my comics (3 of them) were on display and one of them got much more recognition than I could have hoped for... They announced the best in the undergraduate category for sequential art and it was me... then the best overall... and that was me too! I was flabbergasted! ....Really, you can see for yourself.. that's my big cheesy grin as I hold on to the wonderful plaque with my name on it :)

you can see an article on the School of Informatics site, here is the link:

So basically, not only did I get to chat with people working on the movies that I want to so desperately make, but I also got recognized for making good artwork and telling a story! I would say that's one helluva weekend! I even got a little time to show Rich McKain my animation reel after the awards and he went through it with me, telling me what he liked and disliked... you can't beat that kind of feedback!

So anyway, here are the images of my comic that won, called Wonderland

I have to thank my professor Durwin Talon for helping me with getting this comic presentable.. Thanks so much..