Friday, December 21, 2007

Class 1 down, 5 to go!

Well the holidays are almost upon us, and that means that the end of the semester is here. So this is the reel with all of my Animation Mentor coursework in it. This starts with the most recent and goes down to the first assignment. The AM experience was SO amazing, I loved everything about it. I learned more about animation in that 3 months, than I have in my life because this is the first time I've had instruction that is STRICTLY for animation. I got an "A" for my final grade :)

Things with work are getting busy, but also going REALLY well.. we got our first client and are getting to launch the beta of our product in January. I am also excited because we are talking about getting off the short simple flash games that we have been developing and try to get into some bigger, more in depth games that can be sold on the shelves of walmart and target for PC and possibly DS or Xbox Arcade. It would look great to have some animation for that under my belt.

The Paco animation project is going nicely. Frank is going to be dedicating most all of his work time to get it finished by summer 08. I imagine, I will be dedicating more time to working on the animation for it.. I have finished 3 shots so far and have many more to go. The first shot that I animated is on the paco blog under "Shot render passes demo". My shot is the very last one in the video.. and lasts like 1 or 2 seconds.. but it still is nice to see the animation look so nice with the lighting and rendering. Frank did a great job with the first scene in it as well.

Well, it's off to the relatives up north for a little while and it will be nice to have a little break before class 2 starts up. Everyone have a great christmas and I'll be back when the next class starts up with more posts. And I'll leave with a few more links:

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