Monday, September 22, 2008

4 down, 2 to go

So I just finished class 4 last week. It was great to get the lip sync in there for my assignment I did at the end of class 3 and then to do a complete 2 person multi camera shot. I chose something a little more subtle for the 2 person clip so that it would challenge me to focus more on the acting. I think it came out pretty well overall. My mentor for class 4 was Jason Taylor ( he worked on horton hears a who and also quite a few shorts when he was at Blur studios. He animated the last shot in gopher broke when cow comes down.. ha.. Jason gave me great critiques when going through my work, very thorough :) So here's my work from class 4 and below: (sorry for some frame skipping, don't know why youtube and the blogger video do that)

Animation Mentor Class 4 Progress from James Ward on Vimeo.

Class 5 is going to be starting soon and I will be starting my journey to completing a short film on my own. I'm sure all the knowledge I've learned from the Paco project that I mentioned last in the last post will come in handy. I have a couple ideas so far, but we will be doing a bit of brainstorming in the first week or two, so that will help flesh out some ideas as well. So after all this is said and done, I'll finally be looking elsewhere for a job. I'm getting pretty excited about the whole thing, can't wait to get my work out there and find something that really is challenging and fun. (and animation is definitely both of them!)

In other news, I haven't done a whole lot of side projects since we finished Paco. I'm still working on animations for a project of a friends that is going to be a free massive multiplayer game. It's called "Stormfront Online", but there's no work or website up yet. It looks and sounds really cool and I'm trying to help out when I can. And another friend is doing a game for school in flash, so I'm just doing quick little flash animations for that, nothing too big though.

I'll try to post work from my short on here as I'm going along with it, here are some more links for inspiration:

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