Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reel time


Okay, Here's the latest reel that I have. Please download it from my dropbox at this link:

I've been just relaxing for the most part since school has been over, but now I've been getting the animation itch lately. So I think I'm going to plan on submitting something for May's 11 second club competition.. (11 second club) should be fun!

I also tried a little test in stop motion the other day. It's not very long, but it was fun to work on.. it required a LOT of tedious photoshop work though, heh.

and last but not least.. we released our first Iphone game at work. It is a flash card program for kids to learn letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. No reason to get it unless you have a child, but the illustrations are top notch and I did all the animations on it. It was hard at first to work on something as limiting as the Iphone, but I think we worked within those limitations and came up with something that looks great and serves a purpose. So if you have children, or know any, be sure to download this. and 15% of the proceeds we make go to the Children's Wish Foundation, which is a great cause. Find out more info here:

I also made this gameplay video using after effects:

Alright, well that's my update. I'll be sure to let you know how the internship thing goes and I'll probably make an update when I get the animation done for the 11 second club. Take care!